A New Bible Translation for Young Children: A Review

[I wrote the following review of The Best News Ever in a similar register as the translation itself.  Enjoy!]

A woman named Jan Harthan lived in a different country.  She went there to teach the Bible.  She put the words of the Bible in their special language.  Then she came home.  She tried to read the Bible to her grandchildren.  It was hard.  The Bible had big words.  So she made little words.  Her grandchildren loved the Bible.  Jan wanted to do this for other little children.  Not big children, little children.

I like this Bible.  Jan did a good job!  It is called The Best News Ever.  It is easy to understand.  The sentences are short.  The words are easy.  But they are big on the page.  Children will like this Bible.  Your leaders will like this Bible.  Give it to a church leader as a birthday gift!

You can learn more (and buy a copy) at:  http://thebestnewsever.org/

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