Bible Fluency

How would you like to know your way around the Bible?  Not just know a few stories, but actually be able to mentally map your way through the Bible?  Bible Fluency: Sing it, See it, Study it uses high quality songs, visuals, video-teaching, and class materials to help you learn to mentally map your way through the Bible.  Everything is free in digital form.  I spent more time working on this set of resources than any project I’ve worked on in my life.  I would love for you to click HERE to go to and share it with everyone you know!

Spiritual Ministries Guide

Where might God want you to serve in ministry?  HERE is a guide that can help you think through various ministries God may have for you to build up his church and extend his kingdom work in the world.  This is an alternative to spiritual abilities (“gifts”) tests, and is based upon my book: What Are Spiritual Gifts? Rethinking the Conventional View.  Note that the Guide is preliminary, and may change somewhat in the future.  But while I’m still working on it, I thought some of you might benefit from using it either for yourself or in a church setting.

Sing and Learn New Testament Greek Booklet

With the permission of the publisher (Zondervan), I am linking the booklet that accompanies my Sing and Learn New Testament Greek Songs. These songs are widely available from many sellers for electronic download for a low cost (for example, Amazon or Zondervan), or sometimes bundled among other Bible software programs (such as Logos). But sometimes when people download the songs, they don’t get access to the accompanying booklet. If that is your situation, HERE is the booklet for free download. Enjoy using music to learn the paradigms necessary for learning to read the New Testament in its original language.