The 10 Lamest Excuses in the Bible

Most of us are amazingly good at making excuses, especially when we do something wrong. I know I am. The other day I was reading my Bible, when I came across one of the most boneheaded excuses I have ever encountered (#1 below). It made me think of how many lame excuses show up in the Bible. Here are my ten favorite(!) lame excuses in the Bible.

#10: The snake made me do it. (Eve)

#9: The woman you gave to me made me do it. (Adam)

#8: I would have died if I hadn’t eaten some of that red stuff. (Esau)

#7: The rivers back home are cleaner. (Naaman)

#6: My family ain’t much to speak of. (Gideon)

#5: I don’t speak no good. (Moses)

#4: It’s only a few (bleating) animals. (Saul)

#3: I’m too young. (Jeremiah)

#2: Gotta’ bury my father first. (Person-Jesus-called. Note: His father probably hadn’t died yet.)

And what is the #1 Lamest Excuse in the Bible (in my opinion)?

#1: “I threw the gold into the fire, and out came a golden calf!” (Aaron)

Can you think of any other lame excuses in the Bible I should have mentioned?

Oh, let me add one (dis)Honorable Mention: “I bought a couple oxen, so I can’t come to your wedding. Gotta’ hang out with my oxes!” (Person in one of Jesus’s parables)

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