Church Bells, Biblical Bells, and Redemption

In the Christian world, at least before the advent of modern telecommunications, church bells were the most common way of reminding Christians that a worship service was about to begin. But there is another kind of bell—a “bell that goes off in your head”—that is really useful when you read the Bible. For years I’ve … Continue reading Church Bells, Biblical Bells, and Redemption

A Truly Beautiful Devotional Book

I recently read through Stephen Payne’s new devotional book, I Lift my Eyes to the Hills: God’s Help in Times of Trouble. Steve is a former college housemate and long-time friend. He sent me an advanced copy. What makes this book different from other devotional books you may have read in the past is that … Continue reading A Truly Beautiful Devotional Book

Advocating for Biblical Literacy

I just returned from a weekend in Philadelphia where I spent two days with individuals and organizations laboring to counter a dangerous pandemic. No, not that pandemic…. I’m talking about the pandemic of biblical illiteracy. I enjoyed numerous conversations with some really dedicated Christians who are on a mission to address a pandemic that ultimately … Continue reading Advocating for Biblical Literacy

Faithfulness in the Little Things

During the present coronavirus crisis, many of us (excepting some, such as our heroic front-line workers and people raising small children) have found that we have fewer “big” things to attend to each day than we did at the onset of this rolling calamity. Even for those of us fortunate enough to still be remotely … Continue reading Faithfulness in the Little Things

Revival Without the Bible Won’t Last

In 1859 and then again in 1904 a deep and penetrating work of the Holy Spirit engulfed the country of Wales. Wales had already seen many other periods when God had moved in revival—perhaps more than any geographical location in the history of Christianity. But these two spiritual awakenings were two of the most significant. … Continue reading Revival Without the Bible Won’t Last

How God Awakened my Friend to the Grace of God and the Transformative Power of the Bible

Here is a powerful testimony from my friend, Dale Schneeberger, of how God worked a personal revival in his own life through a dream and his subsequent immersion in the Word of God.  I'm confident that you will find Dale's testimony inspiring, soul-searching, and, perhaps for some of you, life-changing.  I print it here with … Continue reading How God Awakened my Friend to the Grace of God and the Transformative Power of the Bible