What is Progressive Dispensationalism?

What is Progressive Dispensationalism? Progressive Dispensationalism is a pattern of biblical interpretation that focuses—not entirely, but most particularly—on the question of how Old Testament promises made to Israel relate to the church. Proponents of Progressive Dispensationalism attempt to walk a middle path between Traditional Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology. Progressive Dispensationalists affirm much of what is … Continue reading What is Progressive Dispensationalism?

Why It’s More Important to Read the Bible than Devotional Books

I have received considerable help in my spiritual life over the years from reading devotional books. What is a devotional book? A devotional book is a book that assists you in growing in your spiritual life by explicating and making personal applications from what is written in the Bible. Examples of devotional books that have … Continue reading Why It’s More Important to Read the Bible than Devotional Books

Life is Christ

“What do you want out of life?” The trained interviewer appeared relaxed—even casual—as she asked me this question, but I could tell she was intent on figuring out who I was. In the context of interviewing for a summer job at a local department store during my break from college, that only meant that she … Continue reading Life is Christ

The Problem with Four-Views Books

Four-Views books—or Three-Views or Five-Views—are now so popular that it’s difficult to remember a time when they didn’t exist. Dozens of such titles have been published in the past thirty(??) or so years. The format of multiple-views books will be familiar to many reading this blog: Four (or three or five) prominent theological representatives on … Continue reading The Problem with Four-Views Books

Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy

One Christian book has spiritually helped me more than any other book during these past four months. God has used Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy, by pastor Mark Vroegop, to remind me of and re-teach me the biblical language of lament. I have returned repeatedly to the main ideas of this book since I first read … Continue reading Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy

How Accurate is the New Testament Text? A Simple Test for a Complicated Problem

People sometimes get up-tight when they first learn of the existence of variations in manuscripts of the Greek New Testament, but their concerns are baseless. The text of the New Testament is far-and-away the most attested and stable text of any ancient document. In fact, if you question the stability of the text of the New Testament, … Continue reading How Accurate is the New Testament Text? A Simple Test for a Complicated Problem

Seven Favorite Christian Books of 2021

I read quite a few good Christian books in 2021. Here are seven of my favorites, plus a bonus book. Insider Church: Ekklesia and the Insider Paradigm, by S. T. Antonio. What should a church composed of Muslim-background believers in Jesus look like? How contextualized can/should such a church be? Solid and readable Christian ecclesiology … Continue reading Seven Favorite Christian Books of 2021

Modern Miracles: A Short Book Review

There is no better time than Christmastime to read a book about miracles, is there? I have just finished reading Craig Keener’s new book: Miracles Today: The supernatural work of God in the modern world. But this book is not about miracles that took place in the first century (see his outstanding two-volume tome Miracles … Continue reading Modern Miracles: A Short Book Review

A Truly Beautiful Devotional Book

I recently read through Stephen Payne’s new devotional book, I Lift my Eyes to the Hills: God’s Help in Times of Trouble. Steve is a former college housemate and long-time friend. He sent me an advanced copy. What makes this book different from other devotional books you may have read in the past is that … Continue reading A Truly Beautiful Devotional Book

Persecution and Scripture Memorization

In the early 1950’s in Communist Russia, three charismatic pastors came up with a risky idea they thought might be worth doing despite the risk. Nik Ripken, in his outstanding book about persecution, The Insanity of God, explains that: “…they planned and organized a youth congress in Moscow and invited all of the young, unmarried … Continue reading Persecution and Scripture Memorization